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New Trauma/ EMDR Program 

We are proud to now offer EMDR, with our highly trained and experienced EMDR specialists, Susan Buechele, LCSW and Danielle Garcia, LCSW.  If you would like to obtain further information or have any questions, would like to schedule an appt, or to learn more about Danielle and Susan, please see our “Meet the Team” page, where you will also find their direct contact info. 

Susan and Danielle also work with a variety of other therapeutic issues and are positively sought out, due to their high quality clinical work. Susan and Danielle will welcome you to our practice with open hearts. 


“ Please take my hand as we travel this journey, with gentle grace, heart to heart. Sometimes reaching for a hand is the start of the journey. Sometimes letting another hand reach toward you is is where the deepest healing can be found. Therapy is a collaborative, intimate process that changes both the client and the therapist. ”

~ Author Unknown

 ** Now Offering Evening Hours 

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