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Rebecca Rozell, LPCC, LADAC

Rebecca Rozell, LPCC, LADAC

Rebecca Rozell, LPCC, LADAC

Rebecca is both a Licensed Professional Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LPCC) and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADAC) in the State of New Mexico. She graduated with Distinguished Honors from Webster University, with a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling, with Emphasis in Professional Mental Health Counseling. Rebecca also has extensive education, training, and experience in the field of addictions and co-occurring disorders (mental health disorders and addictive disorders). Rebecca has worked, in the mental health/addictions field for nineteen years, in both New Mexico and in Washington State.  

Rebecca is known for a warm, relaxed, and comfortable approach to counseling. She is an Integrative Psychotherapist, which means that, she utilizes a variety of orientations and therapies, according to the client's individual needs. Rebecca believes in building authentic relationships with her clients and her approach involves genuine caring, non-judgment, and acceptance.  She works with clients from a strength-based, positive, and affirming perspective.  A primary focus of Rebecca's professional and personal practice is Mindfulness, a way to pay attention in a particular and purposeful manner: in the present moment, with calm awareness, acceptance, and non-judgement.

Rebecca is a highly respected and sought-out, long-term therapist, in our community, who feels grateful every day, for the opportunity to touch (and be touched by) her clients' lives. Rebecca works with a wide range of issues (see "Services Available" section for some of the issues she works with). 

Rebecca believes in a holistic approach, treating the mind, body, and heart.  She believes that, we all have within us, the resiliency, and our own unique strengths, that can allow us to heal, grow, recover, and thrive. Rebecca supports the counseling process, as a self-discovery journey, a path in which we can learn to connect with our authentic selves, nurture our inherent strengths, and become more whole and self-empowered.

Rebecca had a long-term goal to become a therapist, and she considers herself to be blessed, to be able to work in a profession that, she truly loves and feels passionate about. She also notes that, "I consider it to be such a privilege to be invited into my clients' inner lives, and to travel the journey with them though healing, change, and self-empowerment."

In her free time, Rebecca loves to travel, explore and adventure, learn, read, write, exercise, cook, garden, dine out, and spend time with her family and dogs. Rebecca enjoys studying and practicing Mindfulness and tries to meditate every day. She is a total water baby (beaches, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and boogie boarding), living in the desert (where she finds great serenity in its stunning landscape) . After living on the West Coast for twenty years (San Francisco and Seattle), Rebecca came full circle, relocating back to the beautiful and sunny Southwest (after having grown up in Texas). She has lived in Albuquerque for fourteen years and resides with her husband of twenty years, and their two beloved rescue Maltipoo's, Coco and Rocky. Rebecca is a passionate dog lover, who hopes to foster lots of pups, in her retirement. She also remains committed to her lifelong love of travel. 

Rebecca is the Clinical Director and Owner of Rozell Counseling and Psychotherapy Services, LLC.


** If you are a new client inquiring about services with Rebecca, please call Rebecca at 505-974-0329 or e-mail at info@rozellcounseling.com.  If you are an already established client with Rebecca, the quickest and most efficient way to manage your appts is on our confidential client portal. 

 ** Please note that, Rebecca  is currently able to accept new clients for teletherapy.

** License Numbers: CCMH -0132241

and  CAD-0083601



Susan Buechele, LCSW

Rebecca Rozell, LPCC, LADAC

Rebecca Rozell, LPCC, LADAC

** Please note that, Susan is currently full and at capacity, and is unable to accept any new clients at this time.

Susan Buechele, LCSW holds a Social Work Degree (MSW) from New Mexico Highlands University. Susan is also extensively trained and experienced in trauma informed therapeutic work, specifically EMDR. She is a respected and highly sought-out therapist in our community.

Susan is known for for her gentle and open-hearted approach with clients, meeting clients where they are, and integrating the modalities and orientations that best fits that individual client.  By creating a safe, supportive, and healing environment, and building relationships with her clients, she gently helps clients, in a goal -directed manner, move toward their individual healing goals.

Susan holds specialized training and certification in trauma specialty work. As an EMDRIA Certified EMDR provider, she specializes in Eye Movement Desensitization and Re-Processing (EMDR) therapy (a specific trauma therapy technique that, has been shown to be extremely effective, in research and practice).  Susan is highly trained and certified in EMDR, and this is a particular passion for her. Susan holds an integral place in our Trauma Program.

Additionally, Susan practices couples counseling and family therapy, and utilizes, a Family Systems perspective, in all of her therapeutic work.  She is our in-house Couples Counseling specialist.

Before becoming a Clinical Social Worker, Susan served in the United States Air Force for twenty-two years, and has a strong desire to support our veterans (and their families), experiencing difficulties to include post-traumatic stress.  She also aids in helping military families find a sense of belonging, often a struggle for those on a transitional life-path.

Susan, herself, grew up in a military family, moving extensively, both nationally and internationally.  She believes that this transitional lifestyle cultivated an ability to adapt and to thrive; to be resilient; and to learn to adapt to transition and change, something she helps each client, to nurture and connect with, within themselves.

When Susan is not working, she can usually be found in the East Mountains with her beloved husband and two working dogs.  She and Eric have a blended family of seven children and nineteen grandchildren. It is at home with her family that, Susan finds love, restoration, and ongoing entertainment and fun.

Susan works out of her own office, conveniently located just off of I-40 and near Tramway, where she practices Tuesdays through Fridays. Susan invites you to travel a journey of healing, change, and recovery, in a safe, accepting, warm, and non-judgmental environment.

** If you are a new client inquiring about services with Susan, please contact Susan directly at 505-463-7923 or susanbuechele@gmail.com . If you are an already established client with Susan, the quickest and most efficient way to manage your appts is on our confidential client portal. 

** Please note that, Susan is currently full and at capacity, and is unable to accept any new clients at this time.

*License Number: C-084


Danielle Fichera, LCSW

Rebecca Rozell, LPCC, LADAC

Danielle Fichera, LCSW

* Please note that Danielle Fichera is unable to accept any new clients at this time.*

Danielle Fichera, LCSW is an independently Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the State of New Mexico. She graduated from one of the best Clinical Social Work graduate programs, in the country, at the University of Southern California, earning a Master of Social Work degree (MSW). Danielle is known for her warm, kind, sensitive, and gentle therapeutic style. She is a positively sought-out therapist, who receives excellent feedback from the clients she works with.  

Danielle utilizes a client centered approach that has assisted her in working with adolescent and adult anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, life transition, difficulty adjusting, and grief and loss.

Danielle also practices trauma informed therapy, particularly EMDR. Eye Movement Desensitization and Re-Processing is a highly effective trauma therapy, which Danielle has successfully practiced, since the start of her career. She provides high quality EMDR services to appropriate clients. Danielle also integrates a holistic approach with an emphasis on Mindfulness, strength-based approaches, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Danielle believes that, as individuals, we not only operate individually, but also as part of our systems, including our family systems. Therefore, she integrates a Family System Perspective, and welcomes all appropriate members to join in the therapeutic process. 

Danielle was born and raised in New Mexico and is committed to serving her community with a culturally informed and gentle approach. She has a desire to support her community members, including Veterans and military families.

Danielle has grown even more of an appreciation for the land of enchantment, after returning home, from spending a few years in California. She loved Califorina's beaches and weather, but finds such beauty and serenity, in New Mexico's landscape. Danielle loves to travel to new places, both within and outside the US, to experience new cultures, food, and terrians, but she also loves to return to her home in Rio Rancho, to the welcome wag of her two dogs, Oscar and Rascal. On her days off, Danielle enjoys spending time with her family, friends, fiancee, and two certified therapy dogs, whom you will get to meet, when you schedule and appointment wih her. Dainelle spends her summers camping in Jamez or going for hikes in the Sandia Mountains. You will also find her, during the winter months, taking every opportunity to visit Santa Fe, to enjoy the sport of snowboarding. Danielle has recently discovered rock climbing, and is looking forward to enjoying the sport, for many summers to come.   

Danielle is positively sought out, in part, due to her warmth and sensitivity. She offers extended clinical appointment hours (mornings, afternoons, and evenings) on Mondays through Wednesdays, to best meet your scheduling needs (with telephone and contact hours also available on Thursdays). Danielle welcomes you to "embrace the journey" towards healthy healing

* Please note that Danielle is unable to accept any new clients at this time .*

* If you are an established client with Danielle, the quickest and most efficient way to manage your appts is on our confidential client portal. 

License Number: C-10404