Services Available


"Therapy isn't curing somebody of something; it is a means of helping a person explore himself, his life, his consciousness."

~ Rollo M

Services/Issues We Work With

Services We Provide

* Psychotherapy /Counseling (For a Wide Range of Issues)

* Individual Counseling and Coaching for Personal and Emotional Growth

* Trauma Program/EMDR (Specialized Trauma Therapy)  

*  Teletherapy/Telehealth Program  (Video Counseling) 

* Mental Health Assessment

* Mental Health Counseling

* Couples/Martial Counseling

* Family Therapy

* Grief and Loss Counseling/Support

* Mindfulness-Based Counseling and Training (Principles and Practice)

* EAP Counseling

* Military/Veteran/Family Supportive Psychotherapy and Trauma Services  

* Comprehensive Substance Abuse Assessment (Upon request and may not be covered  by insurance) 

* Individualized Addictive and Co-Occurring Disorders Counseling (Mental Health and Addictive Disorders) (If deemed appropriate for this Level of Care)

* Career and Life Coaching

* Video Counseling/Teletherapy Services - Please see below

** Trauma Program/EMDR Services with Susan Buechele, LCSW, a highly trained and certified EMDRIA- EMDR provider

**Teletherapy Program: 

We are now  a unique  service: teletherapy , which allows New Mexico residents to experience therapy from the comfort of your home or private office or space. Out client love this option and most insurance plans cover it.   Please contact Rebecca for further inquiry. 

* * Please note that, although we primarily work with adults at our practice, we may consider providing supportive services to minors, on a case by case basis.

** Please also note that, since we are a small private practice, we do not currently work with legally mandated or court-ordered clients. 

Issues We Work With

* Depression/Mood Disorders

* Anxiety/Anxiety Disorders

* Trauma/PTSD

* Other Mental Health Disorders

* Unresolved Emotional Issues

* Personal and Emotional Growth

* Self-Esteem/Self-Worth/Self-Acceptance

* Self Empowerment

* Relationship Concerns

* Family Concerns

* Grief and Loss

* Loneliness 

* Adult Life issues

* Women's Issues

* Life Dissatisfaction

* Unhappiness/Lack of Contentment

* Adjustment Issues

* Stress Management

* Creating More Balance

* Coping Strategies

* Hurtful/Harmful Behaviors and Patterns

* Addictive/Co-Occurring Disorders (Mental Health and Addictive Disorders)

* Codependency

* Professional/Career Concerns

* Military/Veterans/Family Issues

* Life Transitions

* Developmental Issues

* Creating a More Meaningful, Purposeful, and Fulfilling Life

* Spiritual Concerns (If Requested)

* Life Coaching

** Please note that, this list is not all-inclusive.  Please contact us, to confidentially inquire, about your particular issues, so that, we may determine, if we are the best fit for you.