Services Available


"Therapy isn't curing somebody of something; it is a means of helping a person explore himself, his life, his consciousness."

~ Rollo May

Services/Issues We Work With

Services We Provide

* Psychotherapy /Counseling (For a Wide Range of Issues)

* Individual Counseling and Coaching for Personal and Emotional Growth

* Trauma Program/EMDR (Specialized Trauma Therapy)  

* Mental Health Assessment

* Mental Health Counseling

* Couples/Martial Counseling

* Family Therapy

* Grief and Loss Counseling/Support

* Mindfulness-Based Counseling and Training (Principles and Practice)

* EAP Counseling

* Military/Veteran/Family Supportive Psychotherapy and Trauma Services  

* Comprehensive Substance Abuse Assessment (Upon request and may not be covered  by insurance) 

* Individualized Addictive and Co-Occurring Disorders Counseling (Mental Health and Addictive Disorders) (If deemed appropriate for this Level of Care)

* Career and Life Coaching

** Trauma Program/EMDR with Susan Buechele, LCSW, a highly trained, certified, and EMDRIA EMDR provider and Danielle Garcia, LCSW, also very experienced, having successfully practiced EMDR since the start of her career.

* * Please note that, although we primarily work with adults at our practice, we may consider providing supportive services to minors, on a case by case basis.

Issues We Work With

* Depression/Mood Disorders

* Anxiety/Anxiety Disorders

* Trauma/PTSD

* Other Mental Health Disorders

* Unresolved Emotional Issues

* Personal and Emotional Growth

* Self-Esteem/Self-Worth/Self-Acceptance

* Self Empowerment

* Relationship Concerns

* Family Concerns

* Grief and Loss

* Loneliness 

* Adult Life issues

* Women's Issues

* Life Dissatisfaction

* Unhappiness/Lack of Contentment

* Adjustment Issues

* Stress Management

* Creating More Balance

* Coping Strategies

* Hurtful/Harmful Behaviors and Patterns

* Addictive/Co-Occurring Disorders (Mental Health and Addictive Disorders)

* Codependency

* Professional/Career Concerns

* Military/Veterans/Family Issues

* Life Transitions

* Developmental Issues

* Creating a More Meaningful, Purposeful, and Fulfilling Life

* Spiritual Concerns (If Requested)

* Life Coaching

** Please note that, this list is not all-inclusive.  Please contact us, to confidentially inquire, about your particular issues, so that, we may determine, if we are the best fit for you.